Notary Dr. Till Schemmann

  • Legal studies in Bonn, Hamburg, Munich, Cambridge (LL.M.)
  • Notarassessor (Acting notary) from 1998 to 2000 in Heilsbronn and Hilpoltstein
  • Managing Director of the Bundesnotarkammer (Federal Chamber of Notaries) in Berlin until 2005
  • Lecturer at Humboldt University of Berlin from 2004 to 2007
  • Notary in Munich since 2005 - successor to notary Dr. Gerrit Brachvogel



Notary Dr. Till Schemmann
Notary Dr. Till Schemmann

Notary Dr. Helene Ludewig

  • Born and brought up in Munich
  • Legal studies in Heidelberg
  • Notarassessorin (Acting notary) in Mühldorf and Munich
  • Managing Director of the Notarkasse AdöR (Notaries’ Fund) in Munich until 2007
  • Notary in Munich since 2007 - successor to notary Horst Bender
  • President of the Notarkasse AdöR (Notaries’ Fund) since 2020
Notary Dr. Helene Ludewig
Notary Dr. Helene Ludewig

Notarassessor (Acting notary) Dr. Thomas Winkelmann

A Notarassessor is a fully qualified lawyer assigned to a notary for training until he or she can apply for his or her own notarial position. A Notarassessor acts in place of an absent notary in notarisations, meetings and for other official acts and often takes on the handling of particularly complicated matters.

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